e - Identity

Secure Digital Identification

An innovative artificial intelligence solution of secure digital identification to prevent impersonation.

Face Id

Take a photo when registering the user via the device’s camera.


Fingerprint recognition, using a mobile phone camera.

Digital Registration, No Physical Presence

The objective of E-Identity is the design, development and implementation of an innovative interactive software for the secure and automated digital registration of users in services through multi-level authentication using biometric standards and advanced technologies for reading and authenticating evidentiary documents, while taking into account all the modern guidelines regarding the protection of users’ personal data.

Digital Recording Complexity, Today

The biggest challenge for all services that want to use trusted electronic identities is enrolling users, without the need for their physical presence to authenticate and create their account.

When the user registers with a service without their physical presence, there is not a sufficient level of trust in the information provided (eg use of stolen/fake information beyond the control of the service).

Some services require a video call to identify the registered user, which increases the cost (employees, infrastructure) and complexity of the process. This method cannot be considered a true digital registration, as it involves personal interaction with the service, even if physical presence is not required.

Use Case

E-Identity will be validated through its operational application, in Technopoli Thessaloniki and CRI SA, in order to evaluate its effectiveness in terms of quantitative indicators of performance and acceptance by users.




E-Identity is co-financed by the European Union and by the operational program “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, under the call RESEARCH-CREATE-INNOVATE.

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