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Project Objectives

Objective 1

Design, development & implementation of interactive innovative software for secure digital registration of users in services

Objective 2

Development of artificial intelligence methods for better, automatic and safer identification of the user for the purpose of his certification

Objective 3

Development of information retrieval methods from a specific field of application & highlighting of trends and topics of intense interest

Objective 4

Evaluation and demonstration of the good operation of the proposed system

Objective 5

Final product configuration, development & commercialization of innovative services

Innovation Points

The E-Identity investment project will introduce the following points of technological innovation in order to achieve the goals of the project:

  1. Research and development of automated methods for secure digital user registration to services through multi-level authentication without physical presence or video call using deep learning methods.
    • Indicator 1a: Development of software to automatically extract biometric features (face, fingerprint) from a camera
    • Indicator 1b: Development of software for visual recognition of passport/ID information via smart device camera
    • Indicator 1c: Development of software to compare biometric information between ID/passport and smart device camera read
  2. Research and development of methods to control the user’s vitality in the camera.
    • Indicator 2a: Development of software to confirm the vitality of the user
    • Indicator 2b: Development of machine learning methods to detect fake material from the camera
  3. Development of a secure method of exchanging information remotely with protection of personal data.
    • Indicator 3a: Develop methods of encrypting data before sending it
    • Indicator 3b: Develop software to use secure communication channels between the user’s device and the service
    • Indicator 3c: Developing methods of concealing personal information using pseudonyms or anonymization

Project's Expected Results

The expected outputs of E-Identity include the overall Remote Digital User Enrollment platform, including end-user interfaces, as well as individual project sub-modules that have the potential to be leveraged outside of the overall project platform.

These include the multi-modal biometric human identification module based on face and fingerprint, as well as the vitality detection module, which is responsible for confirming that the data to be verified comes from a real user and not stored/stolen data.


E-Identity is co-financed by the European Union and by the operational program “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, under the call RESEARCH-CREATE-INNOVATE.